by freckiejackie

Magnified Harmonics

Why are bacon and eggs considered as breakfast meals? When I want to eat them for dinner, would I be committing a crime? Would I get the death penalty? Would I be forced to vomit out the food I ate? Is there a point to all of this madness?!

Well, I guess I went a little too far there. But anyway, the question still stands, why are bacon and eggs considered as breakfast meals? And to add to that, what is a breakfast meal anyway?

I have a few theories as to  why they are considered as such:

1. Chemical Composition

Basically, cooking is just a chemical experiment. You need to match this and that to make you desired product. Cooking, like chemistry, needs the right ingredients to make a right reactions. You just can’t throw anything together then heat it with fire! Or could you? (that might be another…

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