by freckiejackie

Maybe I’m too sensitive to words. 

Hell what am I talking about. I’m even more sensitive about actions.

I just NEVER feel adequate in this place. I thought I could maybe pride myself on a good heart since I can’t seem to excel academically. You know just sometimes.. I want to do what I want without thinking about anyone else. 

I love them. I visit them. I make it a point to go at least twice during the weekdays and once during the weekend. Don’t fucking make me feel BAD for going out and enjoying myself. If he’s making me unhappy, YES. Go ahead and stop me from seeing him, from spending so much time with him. 

Plus it’s not like I’m totally cancelling everyone out of my life?! I just love a lot of people okay? I have time management. I try to spend time with everyone I care about, whom I find comfort in their presence. 

Another time, I stayed home so that I can have lunch with S before spending the whole day with C. But I got remarked as “not so good” just because I didn’t think about the … 


Ahh fuck I can’t even finish this post without losing focus of my thoughts lol