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In August, Greg Hampikian wrote an Op-Ed piece for the NY Times, “Men, Who Needs Them?” and essentially asked: since we have artificial insemination… are men still necessary? Every so often some writer or thinker gets the big idea humanity has finally transcended Nature and wonders if we can ignore the laws of the natural order. Usually it’s a man. This time it’s a man… asking about the power of women.

I’m a natural-born feminist. I love that women are gaining power. I’ve always considered women as equals in every way possible. But it seems our man, Greg, wants to go one better. He suggests women are the only necessary part of humanity. To my ears, that ain’t kosher. It’s time someone defend men from this ridiculousness.

The question, “Does humanity still need men?” speaks right to the heart of the rapid ascent of women. The advances of…

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