Mr Nice Guy, B

by freckiejackie

I don’t think saying “thank you” is sufficient for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve always went the extra mile for me without expecting ANY form of returns at all. Okay, maybe one. That is for me to accept them. But I can’t, you see? I can’t just receive and take advantage of your kindness and affection towards me when I know that I clearly would not be able to do the same for you.

When we were at Avalon with the rest the other night, I’m sure it was a rough night for you but you didn’t walk away. Just because you may be disappointed and feeling rejected and low because of the things you’ve overheard, you did not mistreat me and my friends. You were a true blue gentleman and led us out of the crowd and even waited for us to take cabs home.

I know you’d have definitely overheard C’s name a lot of times, since we bumped into 2 of them. You always looked out for me in the crowd, making sure that I’m okay. You were amazing.

You are such a great person and friend, it aches me and kills me to know that you like me. Because I really want you to be so happy and I’m the only one that you think can give you that but no.. I wish I could split myself into 2 so that I could make you as happy too. But I can’t. When you break someone’s heart, your heart gets broken too. I was so upset that night, I just really wish that no one would be unhappy and affected because of me at all. Everyone deserves true happiness. I don’t deserve to be loved by so many people. I just need that 1 guy, and I’ve found him.


So please be okay, BX.