10 Things You Should Never Expect

by Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog

1. Never expect to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Every night we go to bed wishing the next day will go the way we want it. But our days never turn out exactly as we want them. Changes in plans, unmet deadlines, unavoidable circumstances, and even our own laziness can contribute to this.

2. Never expect to get the grades you want.

No matter how hard you study or how perfect your attendance is, there will always be a time when you don’t think you deserve the grade you got. Let’s accept the fact that life’s a bitch, and will throw you lemons. Move on. They’re just grades and they can only have an impact on your life for, give or take, 5 years.

3. Never expect to get what you want at your first job.

Your first job is your initiation to the real world…

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