Doing MANSE essay just reminded me of all

by freckiejackie

Doing MANSE essay just reminded me of all those times in Year 1 and 2. I don’t know what went wrong to make our clique (the 8 girls) to be so distant nowadays. Or with my groupmates, Ray Amierul Amanda. Now we all seem to exist around one another just to get pass another day of school. 

 I remember when one of the days in Year2, I stained my denim shorts, Syimah stayed in the toilet with me to dry my shorts. And after class, the whole clique came into the toilet and helped me think of what to do and even lent me their shorts(HP). I just wish time wouldn’t pass so quickly. 

Or how group meetings were heart-to-heart talk first then the last hour was when we started to do the real work. 

I just.. okay abrupt end again.